Ivy League Kids Summer Camp will take a field trip to Fair Oaks Farms, in Fair Oaks, Indiana, on Wednesday, July 15. At Fair Oaks, we will learn about farm living, husbandry, and play on the farm!

For children to attend, parents will need to sign a COVID-19 waiver and an activities waiver from Fair Oaks Farm, plus pay $10 to Ivy League Kids.

When: Wednesday, July 15

Where: Fair Oaks Farms

Meet at: Mokena Rec Center / Flossmoor Community Church

Departure: 8:30 AM

Cost: $10, payable to Ivy League Kids

To register for the trip, call 815-464-1265 and speak to Jen or Cindy. Download the activities waiver and the COVID-19 waiver, sign them, and submit to Ivy Leauge Kids by Tuesday, July 14.

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