Meet Our Team

At Ivy League Kids we believe in the importance of creating a safe and caring environment for kids in the out-of-school-hours. We strive to uphold the highest level of integrity as we are trusted on a daily basis with the most invaluable thing known to our world, children. With that comes an incredible high level of responsibility, which we humbly recognize everyday. Our passion is creating a fun and engaging environment for kids and we achieve that through program creativity which we use every single day.

Our Team

Joe Evans

815-464-1265 x218

Dan Evans

815-464-1265 x218

Kris O’Connor 

Vice President
815-464-1265 x207


Veronica Balderman

Senior Program Director
815-464-1265 x222

Justin Rembert

District Manager

Office Administration

Cindy Scroggin

General Manager

815-464-1265 x220

Kristen Kerbs

Office Admin/State Aid

815-464-1265 x226,

Amy Mayer

Office Admin Assistant


Irene Deleon

Office Admin Assistant


Human Resources

Lisa Breitenberg

Director of HR
815-464-1265 x214


Iman McDuffie

District Manager

Tanya Oakley

District Manager
815-464-1265 x203

Communications & Business Development

Christina Knabjian

Marketing Director
815-464-1265 x218