Introducing Children to Ecopreneurship

There are countless ways to help preserve our environment. For children, learning about the world around them can be inspiring, and you may find that your students want to know what they can do to make a positive impact. Through programs with Ivy League Kids, they can find new ways to save the planet. They might even be interested in starting eco-friendly businesses one day! Here are a few ways you can guide them towards “ecopreneurship.”

Exploring the Environment

Want to give kids a chance to experience the great outdoors? Start with these activities!

  • Organize a neighborhood cleanup and teach your students about reducing, reusing, and recycling waste. 
  • Spend time identifying flora and fauna with your students — they’ll love finding out about new species. 
  • Get some exercise and get in touch with nature by planning out a day hike on an easy trail.

Science Education

Encourage your students to further their scientific pursuits by focusing on these important topics.

  • Dive deeper by explaining the scientific method to your students and illustrating how we can test a hypothesis. 
  • Answer your students’ questions about important environmental issues of our time, like climate change
  • Hands-on learning is valuable! Show your students how we can reuse “trash” by turning it into art.

Early Business Skills

Yes, your students can start learning basic business skills to prepare for a future of ecopreneurship. Here’s how to get started.

  • Encourage them to come up with “green” business ideas and make up budget estimates for their companies.
  • You can talk to older students about more complex business topics, like the benefits of different business structures
  • Your students can go further in their explorations of science and math through extracurricular programs. 

Many children already recognize the importance of protecting our planet for the sake of their futures and beyond. By supporting their educational journeys, you allow them to see how they can personally help the environment in the future. Perhaps some of the kids in your life will go on to become ecopreneurs one day!

Looking for a program that will spark scientific curiosity in students? Ivy League Kids hosts classes and camps for kids who are excited about learning! Contact 815-464-1265 to inquire. 

Photo via Pexels